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Within a couple of sentences on Al's new wordpress site you can see that he's not exactly thrilled with the state of music today. Too often Myspace and promoters are more important for bands than the actual music they are producing. You have to respect the fact he's willing to stick to his guns and focus on his music, not the hype. That's probably why it's so easy to support him and the rest of the band.

I've been waiting a long time for the new Dolorean release. The 2004 release -Violence in the Snowy Field - blew me away and finally we are starting to hear some of the new songs Al's written.

The aptly titled record - You Can't Win - is due out on YEP Roc Records February 20th, and Al graciously added three songs to his site for fans to grab and enjoy.

Of the three songs, the six plus minute epic Beachcomber Blues is the immediate stand out. Al's vocals have always worked so well with his melodic, almost plodding riffs and this song is no different. Simple drums and an acoustic start the song, but female harmonies, piano, organ, and subtle electric guitar work all add to the mix and the arrangement makes you wish the song never stopped.

Heather Remind Me How This Ends is classic Dolorean. Al never raises his voice or quickens his pace, but somehow he always manages to convey a quiet strength with his voice and again they dominate the track in spite of his hushed tones and the band's contribution. Piano and acoustic play in the background, creeping into your ears when Al takes a breath. The song is as depressing as it is beautiful.

33-53.9* N / 118-38.8*W is a shorter song that is heavy on mood and tone. Relying only on choral oohs and ahs, the vocals take a back seat to the gradual build of steel, acoustic, and drums. It's the type of song you'd want to hear as you drove in the country watching the sun drop over the horizon and darkness starts to take over from light.

Al (much like his friends - Damien Jurado, Laura Gibson, Eric Bachmann) has a distinct style. If you take a quick listen, you might be fooled into the music sounds the same. It's only when you start to really take time with the record, and listen to vocals and the subtle instrumentation the band uses that you really start to appreciate the songs for what they are. Music as a whole should be a rewarding experience; you should get out what you put in and with this band you certainly do.

If you are lucky enough to be in Seattle, which hopefully I will be, go out and support this band at the CD release show. You won't be disappointed. For 5 bucks you get to hear the new material plus enjoy a set by another great band - Horsefeathers.
Seattle, WA:: Friday, February 23rd @ The Sunset Tavern
DOLOREAN wsg HORSEFEATHERS early show 7pm - 9pm $5.00

MP3:: Beachcomber Blues
web site :: YEP Roc Records

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