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It's so great to be able to post about a Canadian band and not have to deal with the inevitable Bryan Adams/Celine Dion jokes. In the last three years, the Canadian indie scene has exploded and Canadian bands are getting a lot of well deserved credit. After the success of their Blankets! EP, the Ottawa group - The Acorn - is finally getting some long overdue attention.

Blankets grabbed me right away. The uptempo pop that reminds me fondly of Oui era Sea & Cake. The title track and Plates & Saucers easily found their way to the top of my most played list, so obviously I was excited to hear what Rolf and the boys would deliver on the new the self-released EP.

After a few listens, it's quite obvious. There is no song that grabs my attention like Plates & Saucers, and I couldn't be happier about that. Instead of sticking to the acoustic heavy pop textures, this EP features almost as many different styles as it does songs. The frantic, rocking pace of Spring Thaw contrasts the beautiful moody Radiohead-esque crescendo of Heirlooms. The band hasn't lost it's pop sensibility - the vocal harmonies/handclaps/drums of Brokered Heart and the classic Acorn sounding Ferile Chile are perfect examples - but instead chooses to explores more challenging sounds as well.

As a result, you sit through this diverse 6-song teaser without reaching for the Next button, no matter what mood you might be in. This band is becoming more than hooks, and if this growth continues, the Acorn will be one of the most talked about bands on the Canadian scene.
Check them out as they cross Canada - including a stop in Vancouver:: March 28th Venue TBD

MP3:: Brokered Heart
MP3:: Plates and Saucers
web page :: more tracks

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