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I can really only think of one regular herohill reader that will be excited about this news (Tadd), but Do Make Say Think is back with another full length - You, You're a History in Rust. For those people unaware of DMST, I can't stress this enough. You, You're a History in Rust is well worth your hard earned cash.

DMST balances acoustic and electric guitars, with lots of drums, horns, and keys into a unique hybrid of free form jazz, deafening crescendos and unstructured post rock to assault your ears. However, unlike so many outfits who try to use the same ingredients, these guys consistently get the recipe right. The songs they write have such an organic nature that I often wonder if they could ever produce the same song twice, and that's probably one of the things I love most about them.

The band has made some huge strides with this upcoming release. Don't worry; they still deliver some 8-minute monsters, but little things like the vocal harmonies on A With Living (and what appears to be a v-c-v structure ) really draws you in before breaking down into a sparse arrangement of chimes, guitar tones and choral-like ohs and ahs. Epic is a word too often used in music writing, but this song accurately fits the definition.

The album changes pace again on Universe!. Frantic drums and guitars hit you like a brick to the head, and don't stop for 5-minutes. Instead of losing you as a result of the omitted vocals, DMST (as they always do) use subtle layers, tempo changes or full aural assaults to grab your attention and never let go.

Instead of continuing along the same path, they jump to a lovely acoustic driven track (A Tender History in Rust, adding another style of to an already diverse album. The gentle drums and strings are addictive, and DMST show that they can easily capture any emotion. From the gentle builds on Herstory of Glory to the 8-minutes of constant energy on Executioner's Blues, I'm hard pressed to find a note out of place on this fantastic record.

The life and times of an experimental, instrumental, post rock band is never easy, but hopefully the hugely positive reviews they gathered opening for BSS last year will expose this band to a lot of new ears, and I'm guessing that fans (both new and old) will fall in love with this record.

Check them out @ Richards on Richards on Mar 5th/07.

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