Word on the Beat :: Paul Brill vs. Tiny Tim

Paul Brill is having an amazing year. Scoring movies, releasing his fantastic sophomore album - Harpooner (read what we had to say about it here - and having his work remixed by some big names like Jason Forrest. And now, the cherry on the sundae - a contribution to herohill's Word on the Beat.

Paul chose to cover a holiday classic, or more acurately, a Christmas version of a cult classic by a crazy assed man. Tiny Tim is "best recognized for his wild, dyed red hair, flashy style of dress and his faithful ukulele. Tiny Tim is one of the best-known entertainers from the 1960s. Tiny was a regular in the Johnny Carson show, on which he even got married. That wedding appearance on "The Tonight Show" marked Tiny's most popular moment, with 40 million viewers watching him tie the knot with 17-year-old Miss Vicki (Victoria May Budinger) on the night of December 17, 1969."

Paul did a great Christmas chimed take on Tiny Tim's most popular song - tiptoe thru the tulips with me - or as Paul said, "holiday version of an old classic, as popularized by an old freak from some days past."

MP3:: tiptoe through the tulips - Paul Brill (Tiny Tim cover)

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