Friday, January 5, 2007

News:: Neko Case, the Shins, Sebadoh, Panda Bear and more

Just some quick hitters about things tha thave been filling up le ole mailbox here:
Neko Case is playing the Commodore on Feb. 13th. The good :: Opening up for her is Eric Bachmann - whose solo record cracked our Top Twenty. The bad :: Tix are pushing 40 bills.

The Shins are touring, with a few scattered dates. One is Seattle, at the Paramont Theatre on Feb. 20th. Wincing the Night Away is due out in a fortnight.

Sebadoh - original line-up Sebadoh - is playing Richards on March 3rd.
MP3:: The Freed Pig
MP3:: Gimme Indie Rock

2007 may just be the year of Animal Collective. Noah Lennox - drummer - is releasing his third solo release under the Panda Bear moniker. It's already all over the blogs, but I thought I'd link it up too. Take what you know about his solo work and change up the acoustic to samples and off kilter electronica. Exactly.
MP3:: Comfy in Nautica

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