Friday, January 26, 2007

Reviews:: The Go Find Stars on the Wall

Is it ok to just review a record with one word? Wow. Morr Music consistently puts out great indie-tronica (like Styrofoam for example). Textures, handclaps, subtle instrumentation; that’s the norm coming from this amazing label. So when I saw the new the Go Find record surface, it was hard to contain my excitement.

Stars on the Wall marks a big step forward for the Go Find (aka Dieter Sermeus). Instead of writing his tracks alone, he let the band contribute early and often. The result is a crazy hybrid of 70’s pop and a sound that lands in the middle of the Death Cab/Postal Service gap. I’m not sure if that makes any sense, but the record uses moogs and keyboards to create perfect sounding melodies that are combined with handclaps, programmed and live drums, delays, guitar and Dieter’s Gibbard-esque vocals.

Unlike his first record – Miami – Dieter songwriting evolved to create a fuller sound. He’s great at crafting an electronic backbone for his words, but this effort is more organic, accessible, and admittedly addictive. From the opening blips of The Beautiful Night, the Go Find sounds like a band, not a bedroom project. The delicate harmonies fill out the mix nicely, but it is the bass line, handclap riff of the second track Dictionary that really sets the tone. The organ and drums fill out the mix and makes you want to move. It seems old and familiar, but still modern and new.

By the time the guitar starts on the stand-out track, New Year, I’m not sure how you can stop listening. The band adds sound after sound, keeping it interesting without disrupting the flow – something that is all too often a product of these electro/instrumentation combos – to create one of the best songs I’ve heard all year. Every sound seems well thought out and unveiled slowly, but you never lose that “live” feel.

Dieter takes some risks with his sound, like the acoustic driven Downtown. Instead of standing out, the squeak of his fingers along the frets actually adds to the mix. The stripped down sound, coupled only with what sounds like a banjo (or another guitar) and harmonies, draws you in. He throws in an almost alt-country, foot stomping vibe on We Don’t Wanna and by balancing slows tracks with nice programming (Ice Cold Ice) with uptempo, summery vibes (like the amazing 25 years), the Go Find has delivered one of the most exciting records I’ve heard in a long time.

The record is not due out for a few months (April), but it should be on everyone’s radar.
MP3:: 25 Years

They also linked up two tracks on their myspace page.

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