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Reviews:: SSBTMJCB

My own Ack approved mix, have to say, it's quite an honour. Because I listened to nothing but hip hop for such a long time, the Ack still likes to think of me as a "hip hop" guy. But Naedoo cannot be categorized, I will not fit into his little box. I mean that literally, his box would be way too small for me to fit into. I like to think of myself as just a music fan in general these days, and thanks in part to the Ack's guidance, I listen to a wide range of things on any given day. That said, I thought it was only fair I give the Ack's cleverly named mix (On the off chance you aren't in the know, the title refers to the large glasses I wore back in the day, but I maintain that they were the style of the day!) a listen and weigh in with my opinion on the Ack's selections. Let's get at it.

Sons of Cain – Ted Leo
The Ack is selling himself short, lit... oops, one short joke is plenty. What I mean is that he has recommended many, many things I've enjoyed over the years. My iPod is loaded with things he told me to check out, but in this case he is correct, I've listened to Ted Leo perhaps more than anything else he suggested.

Pillar of Salt – The Thermals
A recent example of something Ack recommended that I enjoyed. He recommmended The Thermals, I was quickly on board.

Eighteen – Forward Russia
hahaha, for quite some time the Ack denied being a hipster, so I continously mentioned it until he admitted it. Hipsterish or not I enjoy this, sounds like Bloc Party, but with the singer trying just a tad too hard. The chorus saves him.d.

The Fatalist – Robbers of High Street
When he's right, he's right, I enjoy the funk. As he pointed out, the bassline and jangly guitars carry this more than the drums, consistent although they may be. Good jam though, I approve.

Please Remain Calm – Cloud Cult
Yep, this is in my wheelhouse, the consistant drum and guitar combo on this is quite good. He should've recommended this before.

National Anthem of Nowhere – Apostle of Hustle
haha, if you've ever seen the Ack on the hardwood, you'd understand my anger after his mad gets a rebound for the 5th time. The Ack can shoot and pass like few others, but he doesn't enjoy the D. Also, I enjoy this song.

Split Needles (alt version) – The Shins
If Ack shows me an Iron & Wine song that sounds like this, then I'll ease back on the razz, as this is pretty good. Doobie Beals was pretty good too, no denying that.

Microphone Song – Canasta
This is alright, but perhaps the weakest of the bunch so far. Since Ack didn't say anything about this song I'll post a badly scanned pic of him with a bag on his head.

History Song – The Good, The Bad and The Queen
That story is all true, I enjoy Albarn and I like the Gorillaz, even after their show almost led to me finding out the only negative connotation to "Norweigan Massage". That said, this is a miss for me. I had been meaning to check out this album, now, not so sure.

Crazy For Leaving – Catfish Haven
haha, what can I say, Ghostface has the coke raps I prefer. I can say one thing for Ack's challenge, I would choose this song over both Pepsi and Coke. I had Cola, somehow act managed not to fit this into his piece. But I'll give it to him, this is catchy, I don't mind it. I don't know if a whole album of this would work, but it fits here.

Green Tea – Marginalia
As I said, the Ack doesn't know everything Shane enjoys, as I enjoy this. No real drumming here, but I enjoy it.

She’s Gone – Langhorn Slim
This isn't bad, but there's certainly no Banjo here that compares to that New Amsterdams track, it stopped me dead the first time. Since then the banjo's hipster cred has grown immeasurably, but it was new to me at the time. The Ack is right though, Langhorn Slim - cool name, and the song is mighty catchy.

Down in the Valley – The Broken West
Can't disagree, power pop is good, as is this.

John Brown – Papercuts
I don't find this exhausting really. I could tell Ack stories for hours, like the time he drank water with some....haha, had you sweating a bit my friend.

I’ll Do Whatever You Want – Memphis
I am down with Canadian content, and down with this too, good song.

The Motions – Ghost Stories
I did love Clarity, probably loved Bleed American more if we're being honest, but it's probably not cool to say that. This song is decent, but it kind of felt like they were going through the...nevermind.

Heirlooms and Plates & Saucers – The Acorn
Poor Boomer, the ole try on the jacket and walk away is a humiliation I wouldn't wish on anyone. Twin Hype was the classic two flow group I would say, much better than The Acorn it must be said.

There you have it. Can't wait for Vol. 2? Me neither.

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