Sunday, February 4, 2007

Absoludicrous:: Nas Where Are They Now (90's Remix)

There's nothing that makes Shane more bitter than people saying ,"I don't like hip hop, but even I love this song", unless it's the fact that a certain few hip hop records get the indie seal of approval and are talked about to death - Clipse, Busdriver, I'm looking at you.

Well here's the deal. We both agree there was a golden age of rap, and it was about from 86-93, maybe 94. So many awesome emcees, video shows like Rap City... it was a good time to be into rap.

Well one of the best known emcees still doing his thing has got out a done the music world a fricken service. Nas got the gang back together for a song that can only be described as - absoludicrous. A lot of these names WERE hip hop back in the day, and they've all fallen off. That doesn't mean they don't have mic skills - it just means hip hop took a turn for the worse, and people like Paul Wall sold their soul to satan and rhyme about slacks on the boulevard.

The cameos - with their signature beat included are (I'm not listing them all, but if you don't love some of these name, you actually might be ok to say, "I don't like hip hop"):
Positive K
Rob Base
Jungle Brothers
Michie Mee
Das Efx
Redhead Kingpin
Dres - Black Sheep

Anyway, enough jibber - here it is
MP3 Nas Where Are They Now (90sRemix).mp3

(Naedoo) Update>> I don't want to steal the Ack's hip hop thunder like I stole Unfinished Business from him, but I thought it's only proper to give credit where it's due and all that. These Nas "Where Are They Now" jams are deservedly blowing up everywhere on the interweb, but I was put on to them by Ian at A Different Kitchen. I should also mention that I put the "golden age" at about 87-94, but that's just me.

I also wanted to point out that there are also and 80's and West Coast version that are just as absoludicrous:

MP3 Nas Where Are They Now (80sRemix).mp3

MP3 Nas Where Are They Now (West Coast Remix).mp3

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