Contests:: Eleni Mandell CD + Concert Tix Giveaway

This is a last minute thing, but Eleni Mandell is opening up for Erin McKeown at St. James Hall in Vancouver this Friday @ 7PM. It's an early show, and a great way to start off your weekend. Eleni's voice can best be described as a thrift store soul/jazz artist with a little bit of quirk tossed in to lighten the mood. Influenced equally by soul greats like Nina Simone and punk rockers, her style is a lot like the record itself; a slow burner.

Her new album - Miracle of Five - is a pleasant listen, and the pureness of her voice powers through the dusty, destined for vinyl stacks recording style.

So here's the deal:: Email us with Eleni in the title by Wednesday @ noon and we will hook you up with a pair of tix + a copy of her CD. That's a whole lotta summin', for nuttin'.
MP3:: Girls

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