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Interviews:: Dieter of the Go Find

We've already raved about the new the Go Find record - Stars on the Wall - that is coming out on the great Morr Music in a few weeks. Dieter took a few minutes to answer the pressing questions we had. Plus, let's be honest. Anyone covering Hall and Oates is going to get a free pass from us.

HH:: The big change for this record was the decision to include the whole band in the complete writing process. What prompted this change and how different was it to have the writing process be a little more interactive? Was it hard to give up some of that control?
D:: Well it was indeed a bit weird to work with band members again cause I started the go find to be a solo project. One of the main reasons for that was that I didn’t want to make compromises cause after a while that was hard to do. You know when you write a song and you think it’s really good and then the band members kinda think it’s ok but want to change stuff ... After a while you just wonder how the songs would sound if you did it alone.

Anyway Miami was recorded at home and after writing the music Arne van Petegem (styrofoam) helped produce the record. But live I needed people to
play the songs cause I didn’t wanted to push play on the laptop and just sing a
bit. That would have been a silly karaoke act:)

The band members who volunteered (laughs) were all very sweet and enthusiastic so it became natural to get them involved. And also I realised that working on songs alone in my little studio was ... I dunno at a certain moment I just missed people around. I kinda understood or maybe found out that the thing I also needed was the interaction between members.

The proces of writing and recording went very good. I guess that has something to do with the fact that the go find members started playing with me when Miami was already recorded. This means we are pretty much on the same level I guess on how things should sound and be arranged. It’s different with other bands I played in where there was no music to start with.

HH:: Anyone who listens to the record will hear a lot of 70's pop in the songs. It's a fairly big change from Miami. Is this change the result of relying on different sources of inspiration, or is it just trying to grow/evolve as a songwriter?
D:: It’s both. When I look back at the records I made with other bands or the cassette releases I did back in the 90’s I always made different kinda music. I guess that has something to do with the fact that I also listen to lot’s
of different music like most people I don’t stick to one genre but just want to hear nice music.

I know stars on the wall is a big change but in a way the songs started the same way but got arranged differently with a real band. The seventies influence is certainly there. I guess we kinda like a lot of music from the 70’s and 80’s.

Rumours from Fleetwood Mac was a big influence for the drum and bass sound. On the other hand we where also in a studio with a lot of vintage seventies synths and maybe that’s also a reason why you hear some 70’s in our music.

HH:: Lots of artists who create electronic songs and textures find the writing process completely different than actually performing. Which do you prefer, and how has the change in your songwriting style affected the band performs?
D:: I definitely think there is a difference between recording (laptop or studiowise) and playing live. And I don’t think you need to play the record the exact same way. When I played Miami live it was with a band so it
sounded different.

I don’t really have a preference. I like studio stuff and playing live. The
feeling you get from a good live show is really ... well you know it’s really great, but it’s the same kinda feeling you get when you loop a really good chorus you just made with your laptop. When it comes to making music I’ve always followed the classic way. I start playing on a guitar, keyboard or bass and take it from there.

HH: Noticing your new 7-inch includes covers of both Pavement and Hall and Oates - which is a fantastic choice by the way - it's obvious your influences are very diverse. What other bands influence your songwriting?
D:: Well that’s really hard to tell. I get influenced by lots of music. It’s hard to pick bands. I guess all the music I come across influences me.

Lately I’ve been listening to the Midlake album and I’m eagerly anticipating the Of Montreal release in Europe ... but influence wise, I think I would need to give you the whole list of records I have at home. Maybe when I’m really old I’ll make the list and post it as a comment on your blog (laughs).

HH: If you could share the stage or record a song with anyone, who would it be?
D:: Well I’m digging up old records and ... let me see ... I would like to play Youth of America with/and from Greg Sage from the Wipers on a small stage in a very small venue, which are actually the kinda venues the go find always plays, but of course if Sonic Youth is looking for a roadie, I’m ready to go!

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