Live:: John K Samson of Weakerthans fame on CBC Radio 3

This is one from deep in the vaults. I've been missing the Weakerthans a lot lately. Reconstruction Site is still one of the must have's in my humble opinion.

This set is a simple 4-song visit to the CBC Radio 3 in the 'Couve by John in 2003. He plays alone, with some simple strums, an amp, a mic and nothing else. The set unveils (at the time) some unreleased ditties that we all fell in love with later on.

It's weird to hear Reconstruction Site without any other instrumentation, but the intimacy more than makes up for it.Hopefully, a new album is coming soon?

MP3:: Psalm for the Elks Lodge Last Call
MP3:: One Great City
MP3:: Reconstruction Site
MP3:: Utilities

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