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Of course you checked out my ECMA Alternative Recording of the Year preview post a couple weeks ago. In that I mentioned I wouldn't be talking about many of the other categories, as I didn't have experience with enough other genres to do them justice. Well we had a commenter express disappointment that I wouldn't be covering the Children's Recording category. Well we can't have disappointment, so I thought I'd post my Children's Recording preview.

And the nominees are:

The cast of Anne and Gilbert - Anne and Gilbert The Musical

Musicals are great, I think we can all agree on that. I think another thing we can agree on is that no one loves musicals more than the kids. So this cast recording that tells the tale of Anne, of Green Gables fame, and her "journey into young adulthood and her romance with Gilbert Blythe", should be no exception. But don't take my word for it, let the Toronto Star clue you in: "This is a show with charm in abundance and that quality helps it glide by some imperfections to emerge as a property deserving of a life beyond the confines of this island where Lucy Maud Montgomery is practically the patron saint." Woo hoo, let the good times roll! Really, Anne of Green Gables again PEI? I mean aren't there gables of any over color over there?

web>> Anne And Gilbert

Donna & Andy - It's Christmas Time

Wow, hey, Donna & Andy, how goes it. Donna & Andy are a musical duo that play a little something for everyone. Obviously they play the kids music too, or they wouldn't have been nominated. I checked out their site, with Donna on the keyboard and Andy on the geetar, they give off a bit of a Bobbi & Marty Culp vibe. They're nominated for a little ditty called It'S Christmas Time, which is pleasant enough, but really, are we in desperate need of new Christmas carols? Give me Boney M and little drummer boy any day of the 12 days of xmas.

web>> Donna & Andy

Down By The Docks - Ride Along Sing Along

I'm honestly not sure what this is. I guess it's a recording from the Down By The Docks tv show, which I've never heard of, but you can watch on something called Going to their site, they have a BC mailing address and they do live events in the Northwest Territories. Not sure what this has to do with the East Coast, but it "features Daryl and Lou Lou singing some of your favourite songs and lots of new Down By The Docks songs." Daryl and Lou Lou, can't beat that. I guess.

web>> Down By The Docks

The Wilderbeats - Second Nature

The Wilderbeats are described thusly: "Ashley Moffat and Joyce Saunders are two Halifax musicians who write and perform original songs about nature. The Wilderbeats' mission is to stimulate fascination and meaningful connections with the natural world through music." Sounds rather noble, so I was planning on checking out some of the songs on their site, but honestly the picture at the top kind of freaked me out.

web>> The Wilderbeats

Skyhawk The Musical - Skyhawk The Musical

LOOK NO FURTHER, WE HAVE A WINNER. Skyhawk The Musical is the cast recording of a musical that was written and produced by the staff and students of Elizabeth Sutherland Jr. High in Halifax. Skyhawk the Musical was created "not just to entertain, but to provide youth with hope and the inspiration to tackle the challenges life presents them". A noble cause indeed, I don't see anyway it can lose. In case you were wondering, this whole post was simply an elaborate ruse to say big up to the teachers, students and parents of Elizabeth Sutherland and congradulate them on their ECMA nomination. Herohill affiliate Mario is a staff member at Elizabeth Sutherland and the commentor I mentioned above, so I thought I'd help him show some school spirit. So good luck Skyhawks, the hill is behind you.

web>> Elizabeth Sutherland Jr. High

@ 5:55 AM, mario kicked the following game:

Sprtytown in the house! How can we get shut out in this category? We sing entertaining songs with an anti-bullying message. If the ECMA voting group had brains, they would recognize the efforts of Elizabeth Sutherland and show that our youth can come together and share this positive message.


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