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It’s a slow day here. Burned out and heading to Seattle for the weekend, so I’ll just toss up some stuff any Vancouver readers might be into:

First off – not a lot of love going on about the new Electrelane release – No Shouts, No Calls. The band is doing their best to not have it leaked all over the net but I have to say the record is a nice hybrid of their past releases. Has some instrumental work, but is still rich in those simplistic rockers with the Verity's unique voice that I really dig. I’ll have a very positive review once the band or the label releases an MP3, but it’s a gooder.

They are playing here in Vansterdam @ Dick’s on Dicks May 27th. The Blow are supporting them.

Apples in Stereo are here March 27th – playing the tiny Media Club. Low stage, small venue = good show.

Was anyone else surprised by the love the Great Lake Swimmers got yesterday? Five big posts about the new record – Ongiara (their first on Nettwerk). Not saying it’s not deserved, because it’s a fantastic record, so maybe it’s just a great minds think alike situation. Tony Dekker has really blossomed as a song writer.

They are playing April 5th @ Richards on Richards.

Remember our interview with Andrew from Fulton Lights? Well, we caught up with him again and found out that some of the deluxe eiditons of the debut LP are still available from Catbird records.

It's ten duckets, and comes with a 2nd disk of remixes and Ryan's always interesting packagine. Only 150 are getting made, but they are clogging up his apartment floor. So in a weird twist, you can pay 10 bucks to clean up some of his ediface. Sort of the anti-maid... or something like that.

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