News:: New Casiotone for the Painfully Alone/Foot Foot 7"

Owen Ashworth is a great songwriter. His minimalistic synth approach and amazing narrative on Etiquette impressed us enough to covet the number 2 spot on our best of 06 list.

He changed up the pace on his daytrotter session, and played with a backing band - The Donkeys - and the results were amazing. He's continuing on this path with this 7" courtesy of Oedipus Records (BARR, Xiu Xiu). The song - It's a Crime - is just Owen's trademark soft voice and an acoustic riff. If you own an reccord player, you must grab this whilst you can.

There are only 500 copies of this bad boy - 150 on a nice white slab for all you vinyl freaks - and since there are only two songs on the 7", I'd have to be a dick to post it. Luckily, if you want to here the song you can visit the the Oedipus myspace site and stream away.

MP3:: It's a Crime (myspace stream)

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