News:: Thurs. Feb 22nd - bonkares, plus some Schrude action

After trying a few times yesterday, I finally have a connection that doesn't flicker like a thin blue flame - ah, the segue.

Thursday is ridiculous here in the Couve. Five shows, all with some degree of merit. First we have the Thermals playing @ the Media Club. Then we have Mother Mother's CD release party @ the Plaza (sponsored by Molson Canadian - so I would imagine there are free hackey sacks and ultimate frisbees to be had). Finally, and unfortunately the show I have to pass on for location, we have Josh Ritter playing a solo show @ the Croatian Cultural Club. Toss in Wolfmother @ the Forum and Glenn Kotchie @ Ricahrds and you have a chock-o-block evening.

From reading the recap on Chromewaves - sounds like Josh is going to wow those in attendance.

Hopefully I'll have pics and reviews for 2/5th of the goodness::
MP3:: Oh Ana - Mother Mother
MP3:: Pillar of Salt - the Thermals
MP3:: Johnsburg, Illinois - Josh Ritter (Tom Waits)

Oh, and in news that Thorpedo will love - how about some Dwight Schrude SNL action this weekend? I thank you.

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