Thursday, February 15, 2007

News:: What Capitalism Was

Wow. What a pleasant discovery this is. Despite the almost un-googleable name, I was able to track down this artist after I stumbled upon it on the yerbird blog.

What Capitalism Was is actually one man, John Catfish - which moves him up the herohill list of artists with kickass names - but he's actually focused on his band, Super Daughter. I'm hoping to get a hold of the band's latest and greatest and give it proper consideration, but the WCW songs are certainly worth discussing.

Sparse, stripped down, gently strummed acoustic that somehow treads lightly between Paul Simon and Daniel Johnston, John constructs lovely melodies, but the music is filled with creaks and his surprisingly charismatic, quirky voice. Instead of sounding like a polished coffee house singer, these songs are full of fragility (at points you almost strain to hear his voice) and beauty.
MP3:: Lazy Sunday Memory

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