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There are certain artists that just seem larger than life. Whether it's driven by looks, personality, or situation - certain artists just seem to be destined for greatness. Enter Nicole Atkins - she's drop dead gorgeous, but has a self depricating personality that draws people in. Instead of being the type of girl who would expect you to daunt all over her, I get the distinct impressions she's quite at home downing shots at the bar with whoever is around.

Musically; she's got a beautiful, sultry voice, and her cabaret style brings to mind Rufus Wainright with a little less piano focus (especially on the dreamy, beautiful Neptune City). Her debut EP for Columbia records - Bleeding Diamonds - is full of promise and you can see why labels were fighting over her. Her smooth voice is backed by beautiful arrangements of piano, strings, keys and drums courtesy of the Sea. Despite only being six songs in length, she really shows her diversity as a songwriter on this release. Dreamy pop, musical theatre, folk, rock, country... all the elements show up but none overstay their welcome.

The immediate stand out is the piano rich Carouselle. The banged out piano line is complimented by a nice guitar and some bells - but the star of the show is her voice. She's able to control the song, and your ear effortlessly. As the EP flows into the smoky, slow drummed War Torn, you realize Atkins sounds much older than her young 27 years should allow. She's been singing for years, and that experience helps give these songs the polish of a chanteuse who's been around for countless records and tours.

I have a feeling Nicole Atkins is a name that will be around for a long, long time.
MP3:: Neptune City

UPDATE:: Here's a track from her upcoming album, called Neptune City. Holy she-ite, she is on her way to becoming the female Rufus.
MP3:: The Way It Is

@ 10:14 PM, Blogger Tsuru kicked the following game:

A huge fan of Rufus, I could agree more with the comparison! Everything on her myspace is beautiful. I need to pick up the EP now.



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