Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Reviews:: Spesh K - Media Coverage

This is an album I was planning to review in December, but hey, I'm a busy man and I didn't get to it. I still wanted to review it though, so I'll try and make it short and sweet, which in my case means it might only be 3000 words or so.

Kevin Kinch is the man known as Spesh K. Born and raised in Halifax, Spesh has released albums both as a solo artist and as a part of Fax4, which is four MCs from, uh, Halifax. Hence the name I suppose. I'll start out by saying I think Spesh K is a good MC. He's a charismatic guy, and he's able to switch up his flow to match the track he's paired with. That being said, I listened to the album a few times and I've had a hard time warming to it. I'm not exactly sure what the problem is, but I think the album is a little long at 17 songs, and I don't think the album's production is strong enough to keep things interesting the whole way through.

In listening to the album, I'm into it at the beginning, like through the first 6 songs, but things get a little hit & miss once the album hits the "what if" concept jam Hypothetical Jargon. As I said though, I enjoy the first portion of the album, with I'm Back serving as a too-short re-introduction to Spesh and his skills. Media Coverage has a sinister beat with some nice piano stabs, a catchy chorus, and is a decent vocal outing for Spesh where he talks about how the young kids are turning to violence and crime these days.

Retirement Days isn't your usual subject for a young rapper, as it finds Spesh talking about how his current money struggles make him wish he was retired. Start A New Day features Halifax's Jordan Croucher on the hook and a guest verse from Ottawa's DL Incognito, who I've always enjoyed. I think the song is about kicking the weed habit, which is also different subject matter for a hip hop song, but it doesn't even matter much as the Classified-produced beat is just catchy as hell.

As I said, the latter half of the album is spotty, but I like the groovy rock sample used for Spesh's party jam Saturday Night. I'm thinking I should recognize the sample, but I have no idea who it is. Tis catchy though. The Eh Game has some nice drums and something like a xzylophone that provides a nice backdrop for K's battle rhymes. I've always enjoyed D-Sisive, so his scene stealing appearance on the pulsing Bring It Back makes it a winner.

In the end, I think Media Coverage definitely shows that Spesh K is a talented MC, but the album as a whole is a little inconsistent. That being said, the songs I mentioned make it an album worth checking out.


(That song isn't on the album, but it's a stellar video)

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