News:: Chuck Klosterman covering the Final Four

I love that ESPN page 2 is starting to realize that Bill Simmon's is the homeless man's Chuck Klosterman. While Simmons and his weed carriers write lengthy blog entries trying to snap off zingers and essentially talk about the same things over and over again (Seriously, we get it. You guys still love the Borat voice, but you aren't college students anymore. It might be time to grow up and stop quoting movies the kids are loving) and Bill drops names and tells us how he single handedly changes the world, Klosterman continues to write surprisingly focused columns about the event he is actually assigned to cover.

As a result, Chuck covered the Superbowl and now the NCAA Final Four, while Bill went to Vegas to talk about the NBA All-star game and we found out about Damon Jones and the fact he was shocked to find out he couldn't get into a club with sneakers, but skankily dressed girls could. Newsflash - clubs love tramps and you are 35, so you might not want to be trying to get into the clubs.

Chuck has been writing music and sports columns laced with pop culture for years, and rarely do they ever seem forced - "Mike Conley Jr. had an unassuming workmanlike performance this evening! He went 6-of-13 from the field with two turnovers! I respect his father's triple jumping ability!" He writes about what he knows, and includes interesting analogies about music that fit (his column about the performance enhancing drugs the Beatles used vs. the performance enhancement drugs Bonds uses was great).

Compare that with Simmon's efforts (try to ignore the fact he uses the Will Ferrell More Cowbell image for his basketball blog) - "My old roommates and I weren't depressed because this was the fifth straight NCAA Tournament loss we'd endured since we left Worcester, but because our team looked more overmatched than a high school boy on a date with Kim Kardashian." Simmon's wants to be a pop culture/music writer and berates CBS for not playing songs from the 2005 Bloc Party or LCD Soundsystem records. It's 2007. if you are going to attack a network for not being current, you might want to make sure you are.

So for enjoyable, humorous, nautral coverage of the Final Four, tune into Klostermnan's aticles on Page 2.

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