Quick hitter:: Camoflage Nights = hand claps and boom bap

Or something like that. In short, like Positive K, Camoflage Nights came up like they hit the number. Two new high quality videos form their upcoming release on Labwork music, a spot on the Stars Remix record - Do You Trust Your Friends? - and Rollie Pemperton - aka Cadence Weapon - is letting his fingers play with their first single, It Could Be Love.

Herohill is a big supporter of this act. We've known Ian and Rob since their Thrush Hermit days. This new project has been a few years in the making. We caught the demo in about '05, and have been waiting for the release ever since. I

Well, the time is finally here. It's like they spun the wheel and landed on the dollar, because they earned a spot in the (Canadian Music Week) Showcase showdown. But instead of winning a Lebaron convertible, they are giving the fans a free show and chucking in free booze. So if you are in Toronto tonight ... go::
Fri Mar 9th
226 Queen St West (across from MuchMusic)
2nd Floor
6 - 8 pm

Here's the vids::
It Could Be Love
This video is awesome on many levels. Sassy, sexy girl dancing - check. Ouija board antics - check. Ian getting snappy clappy - double check. The song will fit nicely into that gritty, dirty style Toronto is getting famous for.
Five Five Minutes

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