Wednesday, April 18, 2007

DITT:: Louie Rankin - Showdown

DITT is back! Last year I started trying to transfer some tapes to the ole mp3's, and I figured since I was doing it anyway, I might as well write about them for the hill and post a few songs. Then I got away from it for a while, and by the time I thought about it again I'd come to realize that there were tons of blogs posting all the tapes I wanted to convert. I mentioned a lot of those blogs in my Aladdin post, and when you chuck in AlbumBase, there wasn't much need for me to do the work myself anymore. This is a welcome development, as converting tapes to mp3's is just slightly less painful than listening to the freestyles on the White Rapper show.

So if the internet has every album and then some, why is DITT back? Well I haven't quite found everything, so Ill have to suck it up and convert the remaining few I haven't found. One such example is Louie Rankin's Showdown. The Ack mentioned Louie the other day and got me thinking I wanted to hear this album again. Well specifically I wanted to hear a couple songs on this album: Typewriter and The Sting - both produced by The Trackmasterz and featuring a cameo from rappin' Trackmaster Red Hot Lover Tone.

Back in high school, dancehall reggae blew up to the point where if you were into hip hop you were checking for dancehall as well. People like Shabba Ranks, Cutty Ranks, Mad Cobra, Bounty Killer, Supercat, and yer man Louie Rankin all had big hits in the early 90's. Shabba Ranks was scoring hits with songs about mackin' the ladies, which was rather impressive considering he was perhaps the ugliest man in the Carribean.

The dancehall of that time was still pretty true to the hardcore Jamaican steez, but it marked the start of collaboration between hip hop & reggae, with reggage artists toasting over hip hop beats. These Louie Rankin tracks are a good example of that. The rest of the album is ok but these songs were the jam back in the day. Enjoy.

mp3:: Typewriter

mp3:: The Sting

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