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Interviews:: Kate Havnevik

Kate Havnevik is a unique entity in the music world. She's a DIY artist who is succeeding on her own terms. Her first show was opening for Sigur Ros and her music is so well received by american TV that Grey's Anatomy might as well just play her debut release for the entire show.

She's about to head out on the road supporting her new album - Melankton - and the fantastic band Air. She's someone you are going to hear a lot from in the upcoming months.

HH: Hey, Kate. This is Bryan from herohill. We are a Vancouver based music review site.
KH:: Oh fun. Vancouver is the first stop on the Air tour.

HH:: I know. Not bad for us. Is now a good time?
KH:: Of course.

HH:: Your new record Melankton is out on your own label and finally getting a North America release. It is really do-it-yourself and I don’t think many people know that, so I was wondering if you could talk about the writing/recording process work, and what prompted you to release the record yourself?
KH:: Well, I’ve been based in London for a few years now, and I just decided to make the record they way I wanted to make it. I wanted to finish the record myself and have complete control and see how far I could go with it. It’s amazing with the help of the internet it’s really feasible for an artist to release a record by themselves if the album is already made. The hard part if actually getting people to hear it. It costs a little to print it, but you don’t have a lot to spend on marketing the record, so it becomes a word of mouth process.

HH:: Well, to be honest, from a fan’s perspective, I don’t think the common listener would ever guess you recorded this in your apartment, completely on your own. The time spent with the production is not something you hear on many DIY projects.
KH:: Well, you just start working, and luckily I worked with some very talented people to get the sound exactly as I wanted it.

HH:: It’s interesting that you mention talented people. It’s probably an obvious question, but releasing a solo record on your own label, and the numerous comparisons to artists he’s worked with, but maybe you could talk about your work with Guy Sigsworth? Why did you think it was so important to work with him and how has he influenced your sound?
KH:: Well, it just seemed so natural. I’ve know him for years, so we have a great collaboration process. We’ve worked together on many songs, so it just seemed to be obvious that he would work on the songs we co-wrote. His production and use of sound is amazing so it really worked on the four songs he worked on. The rest of the record, I produced myself, or worked with other people, but it really was a great process.

HH:: Now, not to jump into another question you are probably sick to death of, but you seem to have developed a unique relationship with television – especially Grey’s Anatomy. How did this develop and have you noticed a change in the number of fans or even type of fans that show up?
KH:: Well, most of all it is just a great tool to introduce myself. A door opener in a way. I mean, it’s a great exposure to a larger audience. It’s an opportunity to connect with a much larger audience. And for fans of my music, it’s a fun way to hear my songs. The whole thing is really hand in hand with Itunes and myspace. You might hear my song on a show, and check out my myspace page, or you might see on my myspace show and realize I have songs on a show you really like. The relationship is nice because it really fits well. The fans of my music also seem to be a fan of my show.

HH:: Yeah, I have to admit, when I got your promo disc, I was surprised that people I talked to actually knew the songs. They couldn’t place them, but they knew your music. It took a while to figure out they knew you from Grey’s Anatomy.
KH:: I have a lot of people who know my music but have no idea who I am. It’s really pretty funny.

HH:: So with the upcoming tour, your existing catalog and upcoming projects are pretty diverse. You have songs that rely on an electronic backbeat but you are also working on an acoustic record. How are you hoping to combine the two on this tour? Do you want to use a live band, or more with the DJ/laptop set up?
KH:: It’s going to be a mix of the two. I want to have the live organic sounds, but I really think it’s important to keep the electronic aspect, but also have the organic aspect. Luckily, I have a great multi-instrument. He plays everything. The clarinet to the glockenspiel. He’s amazing. I also have someone playing the upright bass and electric bass and I’ll be playing keyboard, and controlling the laptop. And of course, singing. But for this tour, all the drum elements will be off the laptop. Hopefully I’ll expand to have a drummer on the next tour. But the goal for this time around is to meld the two together.

HH:: Ok, last question. You are heading on the road with Air, and we get the first show here in Vancouver. How did you get hooked up with the opening slot and what are you hoping to show to your fans?
KH:: I feel so very lucky to be opening for Air. I really think you start looking for tours and you want to find music compliments your music, and you hope that your music fits the audience. Basically, I got the spot by working really hard. I sent the band my music and kept following up, hoping they’d like it, and luckily they did. But when you go on tour with someone, they are in charge. But it’s perfect. There will be lots of people, so I think the timing is perfect. My new record will be out in North America, and it’s a great opportunity.

HH:: Well, I’m looking forward to it.
KH:: Well please come up and say hello. It will be amazing to talk in person. Talk soon.

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kate Havnevik is amzing and I love her! If you like music like this check out this band I found Noiseprint.
x Sarah


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