Saturday, April 28, 2007

News:: Land of Talk visit AOL

Montreal's own Land of Talk visited the AOL Interface. Not only are Land of Talk awesome, but they are coming here to Vancouver to warm things up for the Rosebuds on June 9th. With their crunchy rockers and the Rosebuds disco-tinged beats, I would imagine people will be breaking in their dancing shoes (with a good enough show to get people to pass on Girltalk???? Time will tell but I think yes).

Probably something only I find funny, but the best part about this interview is that Elizabeth Powell has been compared to Eddie Vedder enough that she felt she should talk about it (ah, her appearance, not her voice... that's Au).

'Summer Special', 'Sea Foam', 'Magnetic Hill', 'Breaxxbaxx'

MP3:: Complete set and interview

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