News::Walkmen & The Little Ones live in Vancovuer, oh and Kaiser Chiefs too

I guess this is like a clip show post. I was absolutely blown away by Ted Leo last night, but the video I shot is being a pain in the ass, so I'll post that tomorrow. So, in lieu of nothing, I'll just talk about a great show next week (April 24th @ the Commodore).

Three completely different band with three completely different fan bases.
The Little Ones are a great indie pop outfit from CA. All too often lumped in as another Shins sound alike, their handclapping, poppy ditties are the musical equivalent of a Lik-M-Aid. Sugary sweet, colorfully packaged, and uber addictive. I'm anxiously waiting the follow up LP and seeing them live.

They stopped by the Daytrotter booth @ SXSW and recorded four tracks, including the gem Lovers Who Uncover.

Track list::
Cha Cha Cha
Gregory's Chant
Oh, MJ!
MP3:: Lovers Who Uncover - Daytrotter

The Walkmen are another personal fav, and can deliver a live performance to rock your argyle socks off. I wished these troopers could grab the headline spot, but what can you do. To make this have some sort of relevance, here's a snippet of their new track from the Spiderman 3 soundtrack. Hopefully Spidey can use his powerful webs to string up some adult braces for Kirsten Dunst in this one.

WIN MEDIA:: Red River

The headliners are the Kaiser Chiefs. My mom said if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all, so ....

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