Monday, April 30, 2007

Reviews:: Peter & the Wolf and Fela Kuti

I’m not sure how we determined the day, but at herohill, spring officially starts with the NFL draft. This year's draft had some shockers, including ND’s golden boy dropping like he was hot and landing in the lap of one of the oldest rivals of my precious Steelers. The Steelers also traded up in the draft to grab a punter, so they may have been moved into the CFL and no one told me.

On the flip side, the Saints decided to ignore defense and draft a WR, another RB and a dude who was eating at Red Lobster when he got drafted (and is named Usama). All in all, some high quality nonsense to get us primed for football. To top it off, the sun came out in Vancouver, and I was feeling very inspired to listen to some quality sun tinged melodies.

Considering Peter and the Wolf are taking up residence at some of the nicest cribs in the blog neighborhood, they probably don’t need to squat on the couch of our grimy one bedroom, but we extend the invite because that’s the type of people herohill are.

Peter & the Wolf is essentially Red Hunter’s quirky voice and the backing of an acoustic, a banjo, a shaker, simple drums or some other minor player. Peter and the Wolf truly live the less is more philosophy, as somehow the music hits harder than most of the indie collectives trying to balance 7 or 8 instruments as they loop around aimlessly.

Fireflies is a tour-only CDR that ranges from great Sunday morning ditties (Palace in the Sun and Timeflies) to bongo driven off-kilter numbers that are strangely addictive (A Race Around the Earth). The ten-song record is as comforting and uplifting as the morning sun, but sadly, like the Vancouver sun, it only hangs around for about a half an hour. It’s just enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee and shake out the cobwebs.
myspace stream:: Race Around the World

Whenever the sun comes out, I tend to gravitate to the African sounds of Fela Kuti. His backstory is awesome, including these highlights (courtesy of wiki):

He changed his name to Anikulapo, which means "he who carries death in his pouch"

In 1974 the police arrived with a search warrant and a cannabis joint, which they had intended to plant on Fela. He became wise to this and swallowed the joint. In response, the police took him into custody and waited to examine his feces. Fela enlisted the help of his prison mates and gave the police someone else's feces, and Fela was freed

He formed his own political party to let people know the deal and started a commune… all of which is nonsensically awesome

Backstory aside, Fela is probably the best named Afrobeater around. The funky combination of jazz, funk and chanting is smoothed out into 10-20 minute jam sessions. I’m not sure how anyone can’t move around when they hear it.
MP3:: Water No Get Enemy

If you are new to the game, I’d suggest picking up the Best of the Black President.

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