Friday, April 13, 2007

Reviews:: Sea Wolf live @ Richards on Richards - Vancouver

No, this pic isn't from last night. My shots were bad news

I’m always completely blown away by acts that can completely change the style of song in a live venue. A lot of the music I listen to relies on textures, strings, finger picked riffs and a myriad of weird instruments. Unfortunately, that also translates a set with songs that blend into each other, covered up by the clanking of beer bottles and a myriad of people talking over the band and directly into my ear.

Needless to say, I was concernicus about Sea Wolf grabbing the penultimate spot for the Silversun Pickups show last night at Richard’s on Richards. Sea Wolf, the new Alex Church project (of Irving fame), is about to release their debut EP on Dangerbird record, and the demos/promo tracks are full of beautiful strings, keyboards, acoustic riffs. It’s essentially great summery, indie/folk pop. While this is directly in my wheelhouse, I wasn’t sure if it would hold the attention of those coming to see the booming live show the Pickups are now known for.

Sea Wolf, at least on this night, consisted of six people. A violin, a cello, a Korg organ and keyboards, an acoustic, an electric, a bass and some drums and without losing the components of the song, the band completely filled the tracks with punch and energy instead of subtle textures. Even the slow, floating melody of The Garden You Planted powered through the loud voices of the people in attendance. The gentle pull of cello bow added the atmosphere the track needs, but the bass and drums changed it from a headphones track to a subtle change of pace that every live set needs. The highlight of the night was the crunchy, rougher version of Black Dirt. When all the musicians hit their stride about two minutes into that last song, it was the culimination of everything I love about seeing a great band really deliver a great performance.

I’m not sure if everyone in attendance paid attention, but Sea Wolf did everything they could to turn some heads. The EP and September LP are going to run amuck in the blogosphere, so get ready.

MP3:: You’re a Wolf
MP3:: Black Dirt

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