Wednesday, May 9, 2007

News:: More Ladyhawk????? You bet your sweet ass!

When it rains it pours. Or, in Jawbreaker fashion, when it pains it roars. Either way in the spirit of Ladyhawk, I am going to completely go back on something I said in my post about America's attempt to recapture cool when they teamed up with some hip cats for their double disc release. What can I say, I'm like a sports journalist. I make up facts and opinions to fit my own ideas and forget about them as soon as I hit PUBLISH.

Duffy Driediger's solo record - Under the Cities Lies a Heart made of Ground - is floating around now, and it features a cover of America's Horse With No Name. Is it good? You decide, but it's funny that I got excited to hear it when I first grabbed the record from a classified torrent site (that is very Indie you might say).

MP3:: Horse With No Name - Duffy (Ladyhawk)

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