Thursday, May 17, 2007

News:: New Nina Nastasia Record in August

Nina Nastasia is unbelievable. Her voice is filled with emotion, but she really knows how to control the energy. Her songs tread lightly, making you focus on her beautiful voice and lyrics, before completely exploding making your jaw drop.

Her new record - due out in August on Fat Cat - is a collaboration with Jim White on drums called You Follow Me. He's worked with amazing singers (Will Oldham, Nick Cave, Smog - along his own band The Dirty Three) and his organic style of drumming fits Nina's vocals perfectly.

I've only heard five songs, and will surely revisit this record when it is released but had to share this song:
MP3:: I Write Down Lists
After two pseudo false starts, Nina's emotive vocals and acoustic are matched with Jim's marching band snare. The song never seems to rush, but slowly morphs three or four times before Nina's vocals erupt and Jim's structured, understated drums become a living, growing thing (much like the Manitoba-esque style Dan delivers in a live setting). The duo obviously likes playing with each other and understands each others skills, because the chunking works perfectly and in only 3:15 Nina and Jim put you through the emotional (and audio) ringer.

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