Thursday, May 17, 2007

News: Shout Out Louds EP on Merge

The good folks at Merge must be extremely busy these days. First, the new Spoon album is everywhere and if you look hard enough, you can find most of the songs online. Policing the internet is a draining task I'd wager.

But more importantly they are fixing some other fantastic releases, including the Tonight I Have to Leave It EP to get everyone excited about the new Shout Out Louds record.

The single - Tonight I Have to Leave It - is a percussion heavy number that sounds a bit like someone playing coke bottles at a carnival (but in a really good way) with swirling keys, their textbook uptempo acoustic backbone and Adam's Cure-ish vocals.

Note:: Is it just me, or does the 80's vibe Adam delivers remind you of Jason Schwartzman's character in Slackers when he sang the new wave song?

The EP also includes a Russian Futurists dance-club heavy bass remix of the single and a cover of the classic Pogues number Streams of Whiskey with help from the Essex Green. They played this in Vancouver last time through and it was killer.

The new record - Our Ill Wills - is out in September. They are streaming a track from the new release, along with the single and the RF remix on their myspace page.

I feel like I'd have to be a jerk to post a song from a 5-song EP, so luckily they made the video available for everyone to watch:
Video:: Tonight I Have to Leave It

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