Monday, May 7, 2007

Reviews:: Chris & Mollie The Palm Tree

In a complete change of pace after this morning’s post about the effortless dream pop of the Clientele, Chris & Mollie is as unique an outfit as I can remember hearing in a long time. I mean seriously, a concept album about a couple breaking up but giving birth to a kid as the vessel for lo-fi twee/folk songs (sorry, I hate using that term as much as you hate reading it) that are depressing as hell and nothing you’d ever want to come across in your daily life. It’s not really your standard fare or anything that would jump off the page and grab your interest.

What it is however, is surprisingly beautiful. Instead of the lush arrangements that bands rely on these days, Chris & Mollie use a simple guitar riff and drums, or a well placed horn blast and some sonic explosions that sound like the duo recorded a jam session (instead of the incredibly well-thought out record it really is), but made the jam incredibly structured and melodic. They may be making up as they are going along, but the sound works perfectly. Without self-indulging, they stumble from what you’d think is confusion into addictive melodies with an honesty that other bands would kill for. Picture a more lo-fi, but more focused, sincere Unicorns and you are almost there.

There are so many amazing tracks on this record – the instant catchiness of Mice Eyes, the clap along bounce of Waltz are two - but the fragmented, quirky nature of each song makes every song enjoyable and worth while. I’m sure this record won’t end up on many lists when the end of the year roles around, but I don’t think I’ll find a more interesting record for a long time.

MP3:: Transition Trade
MP3:: Mice Eyes

web site :: more tracks

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