Thursday, May 10, 2007

Reviews:: Haale Paratrooper

Keep the EPs coming! I have to be honest. When it came to Middle Eastern music, my list pretty well started with Erick Sermon’s React, ended with that Diwali song they played on the Office and had nothing in between. I’m pretty well in the dark about Iranian music, so Haale kind of went under my radar. What’s that? You slept on an Iranian singer who mixes “traditional sufi rhythms with her own interpretation of sixties psychedelica?”

Even reading that description, I can easily see how people are skeptical about this unique fusion of influences. Haale is born-in-bread in NYC and her music is an interesting ménage of her home and her heritage. Electric guitars, pulsing rhythms and a heavy bass provide an interesting backdrop, but the highlight is the seductive movements of Haale’s voice that dances like a sultry belly dancer. Her voice becomes intertwined with the percussion and bends around the hazy fuzzed guitar. She is getting recognized for her commanding presence on stage and on record. She can dominated a sexy, uptempo track – like the EPs final track Before the Skies which is a beautiful duet with Sean Lennon – but she also exposes her sensitive side on the finger picked ballad, This High.

This self-released 5 track EP is certainly going to be one of many releases, but the DIY style she is using is certainly going to change soon (as I would imagine majors will be lining up to get her to sign).

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MP3:: Home Again

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