Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Reviews:: Ladyhawk Fight for Anarchy EP

I definitely don't give enough love to local boys Ladyhawk. Sure we had their debut on the best-of-list, but I always end up passing on their shows, maybe because I'm spoiled by the fact they play here a lot. Well, it's time to give them some more praise. They are fixing to release a new 6-song EP - Fight For Anarchy - on jagjaguwar and it's impressive.

To keep the bloggers happy, the label released the opening track War some time last year. It was the first song from an all day recording session, but it doesn't really sum up the rest of the EP. The band is much more experimental on this quick hitter and balance some Okkervil River-esque ballads (and I think I'm one of the only people who didn't hear those similarities on the full length, but the Sheff influence on Boy You Got Another Thing Coming is strong) with static, feedback, grunts, screams and countless other sonic explosions and exploration.

This freedom really shines through, and the 6 songs (well 5 really - you can't count a 45 second interlude as a full song can you?) are stronger than a lot of the full lengths discussed ad nauseam in the blog-world. It's challenging and accessible, rough and soft, somehow all at the same time.So this is my humble apology to Ladyhawk. I'm sorry I took you for granted, and look forward to your return to Van-city.
MP3:: Boy you Got Another Thing Coming

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