Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Reviews:: Megan Hamilton How We Think About Light

We received a nice email from Megan Hamilton letting us know about her upcoming record, How We Think About Light. Megan’s last effort – Feudal Ladies Club – was a delicate slice of country/folk pop that dripped with emotion (full review here).

The new record marks a very big change for the Hamilton. She worked with Mark Vogelsang again, and the familiarity obviously helped Hamilton grow. The first track, Are the Birds Caught in the Trees, sounds more like a Beach House track the country-tinged ditty you’d expect. The electric undercurrent (of the slow bowed strings) that runs through the song sets a melancholic tone and really compliments the simple strums of Megan’s guitar and the ache in her voice. The sound really suits her, and on Beautiful Girl the double tracked vocals thickens up the mix and just the right moments.

She settles into a more standard/familiar sound on Saint Francis. It’s a straight ahead acoustic driven country track with some marching band drums and the hint of a plucked stand up in the background. It’s this type of style that shows Hamilton – like her partner in crime Shelby Lamb – writes and sings in a voice much more mature than her age should allow.

No Reason to Stay visits the traditional country themes of a diner meal, heartache and roadside scenery and the percussion and piano really help craft the imagery. The EP closes with the most summery of the songs – Trees Leave Shadows in the Park. Dueling vocals and guitar lines (and some computer effects courtesy of Mark) are used to build a dream-like melody that floats along like a cloud.

Hamilton really does a lot with the six-songs on this EP. She takes some chances and expands on her sound without alienating the fans she already gained from her last effort. She gives us a hint of where she’s at, but more importantly, gives us all a glimpse of where she could be going.


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