Thursday, May 10, 2007

Reviews:: Two Gallants The Scenery of Farewell

I am not sure, but I think I’m setting some sort of record for reviewing the most consecutive EPs. So, I’m going to run with it. It would be easy to try to lump the sounds you hear on the new Two Gallants EP with those of their label head, Conor Oberst. Their interpretation on rootsy folk is similar at times. Both rely on vocals that are as delivered with a subdued rage that expose their emotions to the listener and both pair that rage with beautiful, melodic riffs.

It’s also very tempting to put a back story on The Scenery of Farewell. After finally resolving a terrible incident of police brutality and criminal charges, the band retreated into a studio and created a very introspective, stripped down EP. Did the incident change how these young men see the world?

With titles like All Your Faithless Loyalties, you’d think it has to, but the songs aren’t asking questions about society. They are more focused on the questions Adam and Tyler are asking about themselves. The stripped down feel of the EP mirrors the sentiment well. Simple drums and a picked guitar lay the foundation of the tracks, but provide the room for the vocal lines, harmonica and violin to really occupy the large amounts of open space. The pain of being alone is never easy to deal with and these songs give the duo a chance to get things off their chest.

As so often happens, you start with a simple thought and it constantly expands to take a new shape. These thoughts culminate on the closing track, Linger On. All we want to do is move on, but we can’t escape the past, and often we don’t want to - “though I keep your picture on the wall, I unplug the phone in case you call.” It’s only five songs and the theme might come off to some as self indulgent, but when you are left alone, being selfish and hoping anyone will listen and feel your pain is what keeps you going.

Two Gallants are playing Sasquatch, so hopefully I’ll get some pics for you next week.
MP3:: Seems Like Home to Me

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