News:: Copperpot + KRS-ONE

herohill has been boogie down with KRS-ONE long before the day he threw PM Dawn off the stage (which is how you settle hip hop beef in a classic manner). Lately we've been talking a lot about him, whether it be old-skool or his latest record.

Well now, we can talk about his what's the word cameos on Copperpot's new record. Copperpot is a Chicago based beatsmith, and he and KRS-ONE hook up on a few solid tracks. I haven't heard the whole thing yet (but Edo G is on it), but I'm all over this track and he uses Larry Bird in an odd wordplay.

MP3:: Come Back Home - Copperpot ft. KRS-ONE

@ 4:57 PM, mr hart kicked the following game:

Nice to see copperpot get with a renowned mc. I loved the debut album, cant wait to hear the new beats.


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