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What What. Could it be that Ainge isn't a complete moron? Let's see, but Ray Allen can fill it up, and getting Wally World's 26 million off the books and only giving up D-West and the number 5 is a-ok with me. The C's have like 12 PGs already.

UPDATE:: There is no person in the draft I like less than Joakim Noah. He's going to annoy me for many years with his greasy stache and stupid Junkyard Dawg antics. Nice suit.

UPDATE:: What the hell are the King's doing? How can a seven-footer need help rebounding and still be in the NBA? I'm not a GM, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, so I'll let you know a quick fact. Tall, unathletic tall white dudes don't have the best track record in the NBA.

UPDATE:: A dude from Kansas loves bowling. Seems like a joke or five waiting to happen.

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