News:: Sneak preview of J TIllman's new record + Mountains Goats on Daytrotter

Just a nice little pick me up for the afternoon drawl. J Tillman is fixing to release another record now that he is back from Europe. Cancer and Delirium (on Yerbird Records) is amazing, and this upcoming record is going to be a complete change of pace - or so Josh said when we chatted in Paris.

MP3:: High Enough to Raise (demo version)

The good folks at Daytrotter had another great artist in during the SXSW days. John Darnielle stopped by for four songs, including this cover of Peter Tosh's Fire, Fire (Babylon Burning). The song that really drew me in was Pinklon, a sure contender for the best song to use the term powder blue Starter jackets.
MP3:: Fire, Fire (Babylon's Burning)

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