Old School Mondays:: Big Daddy Kane & Daddy-O

Any clue as to what today's theme might be here on Old School Mondays? Well reading the title kind of gives it away, but in honor of yesterday being Father's Day we bring you 2 of the finest "Daddy's" to ever rock the mic. I realize last week I said we don't usually do themes here on Old School Mondays, but hey guess what, it seems we will in fact be doing themes here on Old School Mondays. At least some of the time anyway, it makes it easier to pick songs. Plus it's my first father's day as a part of the club, so it only makes sense I do something to celebrate this Hallmark holiday. First up we have Daddy-O, who was the driving lyrical force behind the original hip hop band, Stetsasonic, and of course we have Big Daddy Kane, simply one of the best to ever do it.

MP3:: Daddy-O - Brooklyn Bounce
For whatever reason, Stet was one of those groups that people either loved or hated. I would put myself in the love category. Stet certainly didn't have the best MC's, but they had an old school vibe that was hard to resist. Plus they called themselves the hip hop band, which was kind of odd as I don't think the group members played instruments. I think perhaps they used a live band on some songs. I think mainly it was just in fashion at the time for groups to try and legitimize hip hop by claiming to be a band. Stet was also Prince Paul's original group, so that's worth some bonus points. Anyway, there were 3 original MC's in the group: Delite, Daddy-O, and Frukwan, with DJ Wise taking an MC role after Frukwan bailed. For me though, Daddy-O was always the most dominant. Probably because His voice was rather unique, so he tended to stand out. Stet broke up after the release of their 3rd album, Blood, Sweat & No Tears, and this song is from Daddy-O's only solo album which came out in 93 on Polygram. Obviously this track jacks Zapp's More Bounce To The Ounce beat, but Daddy-O is pretty hyped and it just works. Other dudes have used this beat, but this is the one I always remember. This album isn't bad, it's a shame Daddy-O didn't do more solo work. But he did go on to produce for Mary J. Blige and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, so he stayed in the biz.

MP3:: Big Daddy Kane - It's Hard Being The Kane
To wrap things up in a nice little old school package, we have BDK's It's Hard Being The Kane which happens to be produced by aforementioned Stetsasonic member and noted eccentric, Prince Paul. For some reason, I wanted to put up something from Kane's 3rd album, Taste Of Chocolate, which dropped in 1990 on Cold Chillin'. This album tends to get overlooked, perhaps because Kane's player imagine is played up by the cover (a shirtless BDK and a chick with some kind of see-thru dress in the background), and the fact that Barry White was featured on one of the singles. There is also a rather painful track where Kane trades one liners with Dolomite AKA Rudy Ray Moore. It's funny in theory, but much too long in reality. Aside from that, there are some very good songs on the album. I mean it's Kane in his prime, how can you not like that? I had trouble deciding between It's Hard Being the Kane and Cause I Can Do It Right, but Prince Paul's crazy drums and wicked horn loop pushes this one to the top. Plus Kane is just rugged on this, taking out all suckers and leaving his lover-man image to the side. Not even Jermaine Jackson is spared: I'm not the type of MC to be merciful, so if your name ain't Jermaine take it personal. If for some crazy reason you aren't up on the BDK, you need to check this out and bear witness Kane's verbal gymnastics. Actually, due to Kane's awesomeness, everyone should check this out.

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