Old School Mondays:: Twin Hype Bonus Coverage

Thanks to the quick response of one of our readers (a Mr. David Sullivan, thanks again), we have the first-ever Old School Monday bonus feature in the history of Old School Mondays here on the hill (History being a month, but still...). I'm now able to post Nothin' Can Save Ya, the other original Boomer two-flow jam I mentioned in my earlier post.

mp3:: Twin Hype - Nothin' Could Save Ya
This is like the evolution of Do It To The Crowd with the Shameek-centric intro and super catchy beat. In fact I think we even get a cameo from producer Rick "Hollywood" Pagan (great post on The Hollywood Impact here) at the beginning when he does the classic old school producer move of clicking the booth intercom to tell Shameek to bring the beat in. Why don't producers do this anymore? Dre used to do it all the time, someone needs to bring this move back. Back to the song itself, the beat is kind of a variation on the Paid In Full beat and Shameek cuts in plenty of classic samples. A little Tom's Diner anyone? Now that is classic. The En Vogue styled singing on the hook kind of dates it a bit, but I suppose that's only if you are familiar with En Vogue, otherwise you might think it sounds funky fresh. The Twins are also better vocally here, sounding more agressive. "The party stretches from Jersey to Georgia, wallflowers are home, nobody called ya!". haha, suck on that you socially awkward you! Rather a shame the boys had to do a 5 year bid in the pen. But anyway, there you have it, much better than For Those Who Like To Groove, so enjoy it.

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