Saturday, June 23, 2007

Reviews:: Bottle Up & Go EP

Sometimes it take a band like Bottle Up & Go to remind me why Shane and I put hours into herohill for little to no reward (note:: little is a stretch for sure). Most of the bands we get records from are blogged to death before we even have a chance to listen to the whole record and readers have forgotten about the band before we hit PUBLISH POST.

Bottle Up & Go is a band that's going to be popping up in my ipod for a long, long time. A two-piece slide guitar blues ensemble, this band is raw and like their album cover, they hit you with the impact of a car crash. The 5-song EP is only about 15-minutes long, but grabbed my attention quicker than most big indie releases I've listened to in the few months.

The themes are pretty standard. This band isn't trying to invent a new sound, and really, thank god. More bands need to settle into this loud, drunk, rawkus style. 51 Weeks and 7 Days is a depressing track about a man missing his girl, but like most of the best garage blues, it ain't what you say, it's how you say it. The vocals lay the bait and the exploding sound of the frantic slide and rumbling kit hook you. It's the type of song that you'd hear when these guys open up for someone and you'd stop in mid conversation and start paying attention.

Early Shooter, Take This Hammer and These Bones crackle through the speakers and you can only imagine cowboys plaid shirts and scruffy beards whirling around the dance floor, spilling their whiskeys with little concern. The blaring horn that comes out of nowhere on These Bones is killer.

Blues has always highlighted the line between heaven and hell, and this idea is visited when Keenan and Fareed flex their songwriting muscle on the album closer - All My Trials. After the opening drum line (which reminds me a little of the intro to the A-Team), the song jumps into a confessional song of regret and doubt. With the help of some well placed fiddle you are left simply wanting to raise a glass to the band as you sing along. The lyrics hit hard as the duo ponders life and the afterlife.
"sometimes I wonder if my soul still can be saved. Sometimes I think I was doomed from my birth. So if I know where I'll end up, then what good is living worth?"
Sweat-soaked and smiling, that's how this band is going to leave you. What it won't leave is your stereo. Blogger hyperbole aside, hands-down one of my best discoveries this year.
MP3:: These Bones

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