Friday, June 1, 2007

Reviews:: Nurses

It’s too bad music is always broken down into comparisons. Everything is forced to sound like everything else, if only because of those trying to describe it. So, wWhen you hear the quirky vocal delivery of front man Aaron Chapman and the spastic percussion loops and truncated guitar riffs that dot the landscapes of the Nurses debut record you want to mention Modest Mouse and Wolf Parade. When you hear the vocal line that opens the record, you are tempted to mention Bright Eyes. When you hear the gradual builds into booming choruses, you try to force a Nurses shaped peg into an Arcade Fire hole. Being from Vancouver, I even hear a lot of Mother Mother in some of the tracks (Way up High and Alone at Last for example).

If you look at the list of bands I just mentioned you’ll notice that they are all great bands, but more importantly you’ll notice none of those bands the same. In most cases, trying to force all those sounds into the mix would leave a shitty band with a disjointed record that you'd dismissed instantly, but Nurses pull it off. You start thinking they might just be good enough to handle all the textures and ideas they try.

Then you start getting into some driving songs that sound more conventional and are more accessible than you’d expect. Hungry Mouth uses a collection of simple parts and showcases Chapman’s vocals. It’s a song that could easily be on the radio or in a version of Madden, and you realize that the band is happy writing songs they like, regardless of how they are received. It’s that sincerity that takes Nurses out of the wash of sound-alikes and pushes them into a band you really should check out.

MP3:: Alone at Last
MP3:: Hungry Mouth

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At 11:05 AM, Blogger Abbie did sayeth:

i love this record. f**king cohesive and mind blowing.


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