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Sometimes the affects of the blogosphere really generate too much hype for a band. People talk about a band, and four days later they are everywhere. It really makes you think about how saturated the music blog scene has become. Where am I going with this? Well, after the somewhat astounding increase in popularity of Beach House and Dan Deacon, I expected the rest of the Wham City! collective to start getting noticed. I thought I’d start reading about the Baltimore based two-piece, the Videohippos everywhere.

I never really jumped onto the Deacon express, so it's not really surprising I'm only lukewarm on this record, but I thought I'd be in the minority. Deacon's playing Pitchfork, and they are still going largely unnoticed. Unbeast the Leash is a collection of powerful, happy, spastic, computer numbers. The energy peaks early, and never relents. I’m not sure how often I’d throw this disk in and listen from start to finish, but the program drums are tight and crisp, and the songs remind me of a more lo-fi Cansecos.

The duo jumps into a happycore sort of Chipmunk rock vibe on songs like Take It and Sick Dolphin, and kind of loses me, but the songs are so short, that by the time you’ve decided you don’t like it, they moved on to try something new. And I have to say, when it comes together (like the four minutes of Bear Fight blending into Koolshade or the pulsing drums of Wages of Fear), the sound really works.

MP3:: Wages of Fear
MP3:: Bear Fight
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