Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Soul

This post is for Seb and Sally and their new baby. The first time I met Seb he told me Philly Soul was the best music ... period. It was not a subject open for debate. So to say hello to their new baby, I tried to track down some modern artists with some soulful tinges for him. It's not classic Philly soul, but hopefully it's ok.

MP3:: Peter Elkas - Fell Apart Again
MP3:: Nees & Vos - Angel
MP3:: Luke Brindley - Never Alone
MP3:: Jim Ford - Love On My Brain
Note - this album is an old classic and technically country soul, but it's sort of new to me. Expect a review soon, as The Sounds of Our Time is unreal.
MP3:: David Myles - Things Have Changed
MP3:: Ben Harper - In The Colors (sendspace link via - MOKB)
MP3:: Jamie Lidell - Multiply

For everyone else, hopefully these songs go great with a morning coffee.

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At 2:21 PM, Blogger Myriem did sayeth:

These were a lovely listen earlier this morning - I especially liked the Myles track. I have to keep an eye out for his stuff! Thanks.


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