Between the covers:: Cary Brothers vs. Thompson Twins

Tonight, one of the most misunderstood people in the indie scene is hitting Vancouver, with a nice collection of support (Mother Mother - MP3:: Dirty Town - Mother Mother and the Stars of Track & Field - MP3:: Centuries - Stars of Track & Field

Cary Brothers - yes, he is one guy - started getting noticed by his addition on the ole Garden State soundtrack (along with other Braff projects like Scrubs and The Last Kiss). Unfortunately, it was with one of the songs I like least of his debut full length. Even more unfortunate was the fact he got type cast as some super successful, typical singer song writer.

In reality, Cary's been trying hard to keep control of his music and career, and is part of the fantastic LA based song writer collective. So Nic and I are hitting the show tonight and hopefully having a chance to sit down and chat with Cary.

Anyway, on with the covers.
If You Were Here - The Thompson Twins
This song gets a pass for the John Hughes factor. Molly Ringwald and super Jake having a bday cake as Sixteen Candles ends. It's classic like coke. The song is actually kind of mud, and it was the best song the Thompson Twins ever wrote. So, it might be best to leave it at that and move on.

MP3:: If You Were Here - Cary Brothers
I actually enjoy Cary's take on this song. He manages to stay fairly true to the song, but makes it sound fresh. The double guitar works well with Cary's long drawn out vocal delivery and the female harmonies are nice.

Decision - Cary Brothers.

Update:: New Maritime music is always good. My Old Kentucky Blog is hosting up the first song from their upcoming release. The song is a bit different than classic Maritime. The guitar and bass are fuzzed out, but Davey's vocals and Dan's drumming are spot on. You can't help but move around, especially when the chorus booms.
MP3:: For Science Fiction - Maritime

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