Thursday, July 19, 2007

News:: Quake Provides Sand, Tells Canadian Rappers To Go Pound It

The diss track has been a part of hip hop since it's inception. For many years, MC's could make a name for themselves by calling out a big name MC and daring him to respond. Some of the biggest names in hip hop have used the diss track to make their reputation. As I mentioned in my review for KRS-One & Marley Marl's recent team up, Hip Hop Lives, if Shan hadn't responded to KRS' initial attack on him, KRS and BDP might've never blown up. So you might say hip hop and diss tracks go back like Fairview skivs and Chinese slippers.

I know you're probably saying "What? Why would I say that, I don't even know what it means?" I'll concede the reference is a little on the coconut banger's ball tip, as I don't expect the majority of our regular readers to know that Fairview is the name of the neighborhood in Halifax where I spent my formative years and where I attended school from grades primary through grade 9. But it makes sense when you consider the track accompanying this is from Quake, a young rapper from Halifax who also just happens to be from Fairview.

Even though many rap cats have built their careers on beef, the idea of a new MC randomly calling out a vet just to make a name for himself is kind of played at this point. There are just so many MC's putting out music that the odds of the intended target actually hearing the song are slim to none. So what's a young, hungry MC to do? It's pretty simple actually, you simply diss an entire country and see who's willing to come back at you. That is exactly what Quake has done with Quake vs. Canada. He's called out a number of this country's current urban music luminaries by name, and has all but dared them to step to him (as an aside, props to Quake for giving, uhh, props, to Maestro at the end of the song. For all intents and purposes, the man known as Fresh Wes remains un-dissable in this country).

Why make such a bold move? Herohill's chief Fairview/Greek culture correspondent Mario "Mr. E." Eleftheros, who also taught Quake at FJHS when he was but a mere tremor, put us in touch with the man himself so we could get his side of the story:

the point of the track was to just prove the fact that controversy sells. The other fact was that i knew it was going to get me a lot of attention. I don't have a very big budget to work with like all these artists I mentioned so I have to think outside the box to promote myself.

Essentially, this is genius. Why has no one tried it before? I have no idea, but let's recap some of the highlights of the track:

  • A certain rapper with a recent hit and his sexy-man R&B; friend might end up like a certain mid-east dictator

  • One of Canada's most buzzworthy female rappers might also have a penis

  • A certain indie/rap sensation, and friend of mine, is fond of both the coke and the X

  • The careers of Canada's left coast rap superstars are most certainly over

Oh, it's all very juicy, but you'll have to listen to the track to find out who's who and what's what. I know what you're thinking, some feelings could be hurt by this track, is Quake worried about that?

Nothing in that track was meant to be personal, it was meant more for people to be like...OK there is talent outside of ontario.

Amen, so what's up Canada? Anyone got a set of brass ones big enough to respond to Quake? Get at him on myspace if you think you can hang. The hill certainly backs him against any and all challengers this country has to offer. Especially you Saskatchewan! I know you aren't mentioned by name in the track, but it's basically implied that you are a punk (province). well maybe I made that up, but I'm still waiting to here any hip hop from your province Saskatchewan, so here's your chance to shine.

mp3:: Quake - Quake vs. Canada

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