Monday, July 2, 2007

Old School Mondays:: Main Source & The Dream Warriors

All righty, some of our non-Canadian readers might not be aware, but yesterday was Canada Day. It's the day we celebrate Canada's birthday, in this case number 140. But of course we celebrate it in a reserved, very polite manner. It wouldn't be Canadian to have a big splashy to-do like the Americans do for July 4th, but we still celebrate none the less. Anyway, we had a big Canada BBQ with plenty of people and babies at the house, so yours truly is rather tired today. Therefore I'll try and keep my rambling short.

Of course on the day after Canada Day, I had to have a Canadian angle for Old School Mondays. First up we have Main Source. As any Canadian hip hop fan, who was not in diapers in the early 90's, is no doubt aware, Main Source is comprised not only of legendary MC/producer Large Professor, but also DJ's, Sir Scratch and K-Cut, who were from Toronto. Considering Breaking Atoms is one of the finest albums of the Golden Age, that is certainly a top shelf Canadian connection. Next we have one of the pioneering Canadian hip hop groups, the Dream Warriors. Along with Maestro, these guys were one of the first groups in Canada to get any kind of major airplay.

mp3:: Main Source - Watch Roger Do His Thing
Really, I could've put up any song from Break Atoms, as it is stellar from top to bottom. In fact Ack and I enjoy that album so much there is a chance you could see the entire thing up here at some point. But I went with the classic Watch Roger Do His Thing mainly because the first time I heard of Main Source was via seeing this video on that Canadian institution, Muchmusic. But on top of that, the song is just great. From, the big drum loop and jazzy keys (played of course the infamous JD Drumsticks) to Large Pro's tale of Roger, a bookworm who parlays his love of studying and his job at a parking lot into a managerial position overseeing "8 banks". Really it's the kind of song that you only get from the early 90's. It's a shame they don't make them like this anymore. Of course there is also the classic outro where after a funked out keyboard solo, Large Pro says "my man JD Drumsticks get biz-zy, yo JD chill". Just great all around.

mp3:: Dream Warriors - My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style
The Dream Warriors were originally composed of MC's King Lou and Capital Q. Another mc, Spek, and DJ LA Luv were made official members of the group, but not until after And Now, The Legacy Begins, the album todays song comes from, was released. The Dream Warriors were a little abstract, especially for 1991, and I'll admit I wasn''t really a huge fan. But their jazzy style won them a nice size following inside and outside of Canada. I think this album sold quite well in the UK and Europe. Despite not being a huge fan, I always liked My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style and it's crazy bossa nova beat, which happened to sound like the theme song for Definition, a very cheesy, and very Canadian game show. This was because the song samples Soul Bossa Nova by Quincy Jones, which Definition used as it's theme song. Anyway, this song is very 90's and very Canadian, so enjoy.

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