Between the Covers:: Will Johnson vs. Travel By Sea

I've been playing the Travel By Sea record a lot lately (buy it from Autumn Tone). The post-folk duo delivered a great record and I noticed they had a version of Will Johnson's amazing song - Closed Down My House - on their web site.

Why is this awesome? Well, firstly because Will Johnson is a critically under appreciated artist (which I guess is the theme of the day today on the hill), and secondly because I pointed out how TBS was influenced by the great singer in my review.

So anyway, let's get on with the battle:
MP3:: Will Johnson - Closed Down My House
Will Johnson is amazing. There isn't much else to be said, as all of his solo work and bands deliver consistently impressive release after release. Over the last decade, he's written songs that any artist would kill to have in there catalog.

This version is a special treat, because it is really the Undertow Orchestra. UO is a collection of talent featuring David Bazan (Pedro the Lion / Headphones), Vic Chesnutt, Mark Eitzel (American Music Club), and Will Johnson (Centro-matic) trading singing duties and treating crowds to an all-star performance. This intimate version of the song is fantastic, and the presence of some of the best song writers alive does nothing but add to the experience.

MP3:: Travel by Sea - Closed Down My House
Travel By Sea keep it close to the chest on this one, and play a sincere version of the song. I love the simplicity and Kyle Kersten's emotion on this track. That being said, it's a tribute to an artist that obviously influences there work. The decision has to go to Will.

@ 2:23 PM, RL kicked the following game:

I love Travel By Sea! And Will Johnson is certainly one of thebest artists going today. Just discovered this website, and I'm really impressed. I've added it to my favorites and'll check in regularly from now on. Keep up the good work fellas!


@ 8:16 PM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

This is terrific having these side by side. Love Travel by Sea, too (not familiar with them previously). THANKS! - LD


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