Wednesday, August 8, 2007

News:: 2007 Halifax Pop Explosion Lineup Announced

Big news yesterday as the lineup for the 15th annual Halifax Pop Explosion was announced. Well I suppose it's not the full lineup per se, but some big names have been announced as a teaser to whet your indie whistle. The headlining acts announced thus far are Apostle of Hustle, Eric’s Trip, Joel Plaskett and Tegan and Sara. Have to like the sound of that.

Apostle Of Hustle is essentially Broken Social Scene's Kevin Whiteman who's latest album National Anthem of Nowhere is very highly regarded on the hill. I'm sure many people remember Eric's Trip, the pioneering indie rock outfit from Moncton who burst on the scene during Halifax's indie rock heyday of the early 90's. Julie Doiron, Rick White & Co have got the band back together recently for Sappyfest and by all accounts their show should be a can't miss affair. Tegan & Sara have been featured on the hill many times, most recently taking on The Boss for Between the Covers, and if you've ever been to the hill before, you know we have some history with Mr. Plaskett.

But that's not all friends, far from it, a number of other intriguing acts have also been announced. I can't find a link to the press release on the Explosion's site, so I'll just run down the full list:

Apostle Of Hustle:: label :: myspace :: herohill review
mp3:: National Anthem of Nowhere

Eric's Trip:: label :: myspace

Tegan & Sara:: web :: myspace :: herohill review

Joel Plaskett:: web :: myspace :: herohill review

Aids Wolf:: Experimental punk act from Montreal, myspace slogan - "hacky sack to tha max"

Contrived:: Halifax post-punk act, myspace slogan - "2 legit 2 quit"
label :: myspace

Don Caballero:: Pittsburgh band, no relation to Steve, kind of a big deal according to Ack, a former Pitt resident
label :: myspace

Miracle Fortress:: Amazing-sounding Polaris nominee from Montreal
label :: myspace :: herohill review
mp3:: Have You Seen in Your Dreams

Mother Mother:: Vancity off-kilter pop favorites
web :: myspace :: herohill review + huge rooster pic

The Special Noise:: Halifax/Montreal experimental rock duo

Tomcat Combat:: Halifax based post-rockers

Young Galaxy:: Montreal based celebrated space-pop act
label :: myspace :: herohill review
mp3:: The Sun’s Coming Up And My Plane’s Going Down

Long story short, Montreal and Halifax rock, as do assorted other places, so you should probably procure yourself some tickets asap. You can do that here: Also, keep checking the hill for more Halifax Pop Explosion info.

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