Friday, August 31, 2007

News:: Don Caballero To Play HPX '07 Pre-Party

It seems to me that we haven't mentioned this yet, but Pittsburgh, PA's legendary instrumental, math rock band Don Caballero is playing the HPX '07 pre-party show on September 22nd at St Mathew's Church. They will be joined by Halifax post-punk act Contrived, the experimentally funky Montreal/Halifax duo The Special Noise, and Halifax's own instrumental rockers, Tomcat Combat.

I wasn't familiar with Don Caballero, but the Ack lived in Pitt for a while and has actually seen Don Cab play live. So why, you ask, am I the one doing the preview for their Halifax show? It's quite simple really. Well, it might not be simple at all, but here's the deal anyway.

After Ack moved to Pitt, he coincidentally became a Steelers fan. Some might say he hoped on the Steelers wagon once he moved there, but not I. Now I'm a longtime Saints die-hard, but I never had any problem with the Steelers. Be that as it may, and the Ack and I being the competitive clownshoes that we are, there is always a friendly rivalry when the Black & Gold lock horns with the Black & uhhh, less shiny gold. That was the case when the Saints played the Steelers in the Hall of Fame game to open the 2007 NFL pre-season. Ack proposed a bet where the backer of the losing team had to write a post dedicated to the winning squad.

Well as you no doubt have cleverly guessed by now, my Saints shat the bed in the game, and Don Cab's appearance at the fest has given me the segue to write my Steelers-themed post. So, without further ado, here are some things I'm looking forward to from the 2007 Steelers:

  • Steely McBeam

  • Troy Polamalu's hair

  • At some point in every game saying "Hey, did you know Hines Ward is Chinese?"

  • Watching UM's LaMarr Woodley become the new Jason Gildon

  • Making "shot in the ass" jokes. I don't care if he's gone

  • Being able to say "That was Gay" without being accused of being ignorant or insensitive

  • Getting to say "Umm, it's Verron, not Vernon"

  • The fact that their new coach looks like Omar Epps

  • Making jokes about Big Ben's enormous, metal-filled head

  • Did I mention Steely McBeam?

So there you have it, come out to the Halifax Pop Explosion and cheer on a great band from Pittsburgh, then watch the Steelers, the only team the people of Pittsburgh really cheer for.

MP3:: Don Caballero - Savage Composition

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