News:: New Kyle Andrews and introducing the Canon Blue

Just a quick update after getting back from an long camping weekend. My Steelers mangled Shane's Saints in a pre-season barn burner... but more on that later.

Kyle Andrews
Kyle Andrews was nice enough to send us a preview of his upcoming album (due out this fall). Amos in Ohio was a great introduction to this Nashville song writer. The tracks were mostly just Kyle, his guitar and his trusty sampler - but they still stood out. The energy and riffs he used helped him distinguish himself from the masses. We liked the record so much we got Kyle to contribute to our Word On the Beat project (listen to his take on Hey Bulldog here).

If this song is any indication, Kyle is jumping into more diverse, complex styles. The song starts with a swirling, freak folk intro. Kyle's voice seems more sure and determined, and when the instrumentation swells at the chorus, you get hooked. The rim shot percussion keeps the track moving, and the harmonies really sound great. If the rest of the album lives up to the potential shown here, it's going to be good.
MP3:: Find Love, Let Go

Canon Blue
Canon Blue - who is actually just one man, Daniel James (although he had some help from Grizzly Bear to mix the record) - is the newest artist on the great Rumraket label. Rumraket delivers amazing musicians, whether you are looking for down-tempo moody electro work or (like Canon Blue) frantic, pulsing Indie-electro pop.

This track is a whimsical journey with pulsing electronics running through the mix. The chorus build nicely, adding an angry, fuzzed bass heavy fill. Daniel's voice is crystal clear, but at the same time it weaves in and out of the musical swells, starts and stops he uses throughout the song. The rest of the songs he has on his myspace show that he's comfortable switching styles, so I think this record is going to be well worth a listen.
MP3:: Pilguin Pop

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